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Briefly About Us was founded in 2022 to cater to the growing number of people who run from home to work, including owners who have gone through this journey and come up with a great alternative for everyone.

The need for additional area and separate running surroundings away from the distractions of the primary house caused the creation of our own family-run business. If you're tired of the rising prices of commuting and overheads associated with working from a conventional workplace, a lawn workplace can offer a low-priced and realistic answer.

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Our philosophy harmonizes simplicity and elegance through our core values

Exceptional Design

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Human-focused design, honest materials, and thoughtful details, whether it's at the scale of a building or in their collections of furnishings and lighting.

For the GardenHouse, Designer has considered everything—from well-placed windows to built-in storage—to create a living space that plays well in any backyard.

GardenHouse designed to be functional, not flashy. Its distinguished by the thought that went into every component.

Proportions are designed to adapt to your needs, accommodating all kinds of uses.

The GardenHouse siding is durable, weather-resistant, and sustainably harvested.

Choose your finish: natural cedar or gray pine.

The GardenHouse’s standing-seam metal roof is designed for a clean profile, a long lifespan, and low maintenance.

Windows & Doors in the GardenHouse make your life easier by providing people-first technology compatible with popular smart home systems.

Outdoor sconces provide adjustable exterior lighting.

The process

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started out with GardenHouse.Pro?

Getting commenced is easy! Simply reach out to us thru our website or touch information to schedule a session. We'll speak your needs, provide facts, and manual you thru the system of making your best lawn workplace.

What is the value of a lawn workplace?

The value varies relying on length, design, and customization options. We offer competitive pricing and obvious quotes tailor-made on your necessities. Contact us for a customised estimate.

What is a lawn office?

A lawn workplace is a separate, devoted workspace located to your lawn or out of doors space. It presents a comfortable and efficient environment for people trying to earn a living from home with out the distractions of the primary house.

Why pick a garden workplace?

Garden workplaces provide a value-effective and practical solution for the ones seeking a dedicated workspace. They eliminate the need for commuting and offer a quiet, separate location faraway from family distractions, promoting accelerated productivity.

How is GardenHouse.Pro exclusive from different companies?

GardenHouse.Pro is a own family-run enterprise based in 2022, pushed via a non-public know-how of the challenges related to running from domestic. Our commitment to affordability, first-rate, and consumer pride units us apart.

What sizes and designs are to be had?

We provide a range of sizes and designs to in shape diverse possibilities and area necessities. Our lawn places of work may be custom designed to meet your unique needs, making sure a comfortable and practical workspace.

Is planning permission required for a garden office?

In many instances, our lawn offices fall under accepted development rights, meaning making plans permission might not be required. However, it is important to check local guidelines, and we are able to assist you in navigating any vital approvals.

How lengthy does it take to install a lawn office?

The set up time relies upon on the size and complexity of the project. Generally, our crew works efficiently to finish installations inside a few days. We'll provide an in depth timeline for the duration of the session process.

Are garden places of work insulated for yr-spherical use?

Yes, our lawn workplaces are designed with insulation to make sure comfort during the year. This includes insulation for each the partitions and the roof, permitting you to paintings in a cozy and weather-controlled surroundings.

Can I use a garden office for functions aside from work?

Absolutely! Our lawn workplaces are versatile and may be used for various functions, including a interest room, home health club, or additional living space. We can customize the design to satisfy your precise needs.
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