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and Delivery

We simplify the process of expanding your living space on your property, handling everything from construction management to transforming your backyard.

Step 1. Home visit

Choosing the design and style Our dedicated team will pay You a visit and thoroughly assess the potential site. Then we would guide in choosing the type and style of the proposed build.

Step 2. Permission

Once the above agreed, we will guide You through the process and help You with planning permission, if required.

Step 3. Book a date

Once the design is agreed (permission granted) we will book a commencement date for the installation.

Step 4. Foundation Setup

Installation of Ground Screws (or other agreed foundation).

Step 5. Installation Commencement

Depending on the type of the foundation, our dedicated crew would commence the installation next day (Ground Screws Method) or in 3 days time (concrete trench foundation or piles).

Step 6. Final Construction

Completing the build and connecting the Garden Room to the services.

Step 7. Site Cleanup & Key Handover

Cleaning and removing all debris from site. Handing You over the keys!

With our streamlined process, you can have GardenHouse in just six months while only spending around six weeks in your backyard

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